Our developer advocate team, we're always looking for events where we should be at. No, that makes sense. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Can we make sure there's a real zombie API just in case? 2017 ra-bieber.de - ra-bieber.de Theme powered by WordPress. 5 clever tricks to start using today. One of the really interesting things in big data, there's the BigQuery public data sets. It's OK. To talk to us all about Google Maps and the Google Maps Platform. Things are hard. So if you want to have includes, or you want to do loops around stuff, basically being able to generate that YAML file sort of on the fly, there's a lot of nice tooling in there that allows you to do that, too. If people are getting started with Kubernetes, it might be a great way to get an application, or set of services, or a set of deployments, or a combination of all those kind of up and running pretty quickly. Yeah, and one of the great things about us is that we, on top of any credits that you've already gotten through Google Cloud Platform, you also get a $200 monthly credit recurring for the Maps APIs. That's fine. Well, in last week's episode, we talked about a Google Cloud networking in depth article. Cool. And there are map tools that let you find antipodes of like from where you are. I think there are a lot of really complex things that are coming up in the world. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. ANGELA: These Google Maps tricks are pretty handy -- you should learn them. And so all of those APIs are available through the Maps Platform. They were like writing design docs before they write any code. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Using the Places API can display parks, government buildings, and other interesting places beyond streets. It's a unified platform for business intelligence data applications and embedded analytics. Ras Lanuf. Bete Hor. So then I can create a chart specific for my application. So if you haven't seen that, go back and check it out. So in the beginning, individual developers can start using location data, just to show things like where is my user and show you that geolocation. As Angela describes Google Maps at a high level, it is your window into the real world, with coverage of Earth’s land and oceans. Ras Ennghela is situated nearby to Ras ben Sakka. So if you're like, I want to install multi cluster Redis, for example, I can go look for the Redis Helm chart. You've paid attention. ANGELA: MARK MIRCHANDANI: It turns out it's pretty popular. And what I am most passionate about is augmented reality and seeing that go beyond just the gaming applications about augmented reality, but also how we see the data on the world around us overlaid. MARK MIRCHANDANI: That's a good claim to make. TypeScript support on Google Maps Platform We've made it easier for JavaScript developers to use TypeScript with Google Maps Platform through code snippets, samples for the web, and a new Node.js client library. These are external developers that have used our APIs extensively. But when you actually use Google Maps on your computer or on your phone, you'll see latitude and longitude expressed in a decimal way. Ras Ennghela is a point in Bizerte. ANGELA: They have all these layers that you can put over a Google Map--. Basically, they make really pretty graphs that are really easy to understand. And it's very important to whoever cares to connect to that thing to know where that is. MARK MANDEL: Fantastic. And they have successfully created an earth sandwich. I know things. One of the biggest trends that we see is the big data visualization. Yeah, real world gaming is a big trend. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. But a lot of people have talked about Helm, and I've only really, really been at the highest level of Helm. And so you kind of build all that out. This place is situated in Bizerte, Region 2, Tunisia, its geographical coordinates are 37° 16' 28" North, 9° 52' 26" East and its … ANGELA: I mean, like you were saying, you're pulling in a tremendous amount of data. So before we get stuck in, do you want to tell us a little about yourself and what you do here at Google? And we invest a lot in keeping that data fresh. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, so very excited about this upcoming acquisition, so keep you updated on how it all goes. Because the business logic might say start it up early, whatever it is. ANGELA: Mark's here. ANGELA: It's all on the Google Cloud Platform YouTube channel. No, it's all built into your Google Cloud account. Hide where you're going in Google Maps to keep your navigation history a secret. Google works hard to keep that information updated with satellite pictures, street view Google vehicles, and even backpacks for hikers to record hard to reach areas. Usuário que fez a postagem original-Rosangela MArtins da silva. MARK MIRCHANDANI: It's just-- I think everyone can-- maybe not everyone can relate to maps, but everyone can relate to sandwiches. Helm 2 is great, and stable, and wonderful. MARK MIRCHANDANI: And so the process for someone to get started, just like any other API, they can just go to the GCP console, enable the Maps API, get the key, and then start with any of those tutorials, right? Sandwiches are great. Por favor, pode nos confirmar qual a categoria da loja? Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys; Google Maps JavaScript API error: MissingKeyMapError; For web developers: If you have access to the source code of your application, look for the