Last 15 days, After the cruise ship Diamond Princess was quarantined in the Port of Yokohama in Japan after 10 passengers were diagnosed with COVID-19 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic,[30] among the passengers diagnosed positive was the first Argentine infected, a 61-year-old man travelling with his wife, who had no symptoms. Foreign citizens arriving in the City of Buenos Aires and remaining in Buenos Aires for more than 24 hours will be charged 2,500.00 ARS for COVID-19 saliva testing. That same day, it was announced that the eased lockdown would be extended again until 20 September. [131][132][133][134][135] The University of Buenos Aires also made a survey, in which most people agreed to the measures taken by the president. A new C40 Cities report touts Paris’s model for putting essentials within close walking or biking distance as an economic boost for coronavirus-ravaged municipal budgets. The official data from this day reclassified three deaths that were wrongly reported as deceased. Also, eight deaths from influenza were registered through that date, from which three of them also tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Sydney is at number 15, London at 20, and Nairobi at 77. [163], Due to the national lockdown, the economical activity suffered a collapse of nearly 10% in March 2020 according to a consultant firm. The charts show the development of the pandemic starting from 3 March 2020, representing changes in net number of cases on a daily basis, based on the number of cases reported in the National Ministry of Health's daily reports. [83][84][85] Other previously announced vaccines in development would also be acquired to a lesser extent by the government, such as those produced by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, Pfizer and China. [171], The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported that the COVID-19 crisis would plunge Argentina's GDP by 9.9 percent, after the country's economy contracted by 5.4 percent in first quarter of 2020, with unemployment rising over 10.4 percent in the first three months of the year, before the lockdown started. This phase of the lockdown would be extended until 17 July. Number of confirmed COVID-19 deaths by province. Advertisement . This big jump was due to a revision on the definition of a recovery, which now included (among the discharged from the hospitals) mild cases in which the system would automatically discharge 10 days after the symptom onset date. This is due to the fact that the ministries are giving their reports at different times throughout the day and also to different criteria regarding the counting of infected: by district of hospitalization or district of residence. NOVEAUX VOLS POUR COMISO. Sign up for updates via the map, and be the first to know if they do. [263] Under the lockdown tightening that came into effect on 1 July, public transportation use in Greater Buenos Aires dropped by 30 percent (around 300,000 passengers) on the first days compared versus the previous week. [287][288] Truck drivers also criticized the roadblocks and lockdown control measures in roads, stating they had to wait for up to 20 hours in police checkpoints,[271] and considering the measures as inhumane, among other reasons, for being unable to make bathroom stops for hours. [45] March concluded with 1,054 confirmed cases and 27 fatal victims. [142], A survey realised during the first days of May, expresses that the main concern of the surveyed people was the fear of virus contagion (50.9%) instead of the worries of a worsening in the economic situation (49.1%). COVID-19. [57] A few days later, it was informed that June concluded with 64,517 confirmed cases, 1,307 deaths and 22,015 recoveries from the virus. [87] This led to an end on the lockdown established in the Greater Buenos Aires area after more than seven months, set to conclude on 8 November and moving into the social distancing phase. [18] This was due to a decrease in the number of cases after eight weeks. [185] Later, it was announced that the government was planning to authorise foreign flights with a maximum passenger capacity of 70%, as soon as mid-August. This work studied the spread of COVID-19, the meteorological conditions and the air quality in a megacity from two viewpoints: (1) the correlation between meteorological and air quality (PM10 and NO2) variables with infections and deaths due COVID-19, and (2) the improvement in air quality. Despite the protests, a vast majority of Argentines were supportive of the lockdown, according to polls. [240] The COVID-19 crisis also increased "land occupations" by social movements, in which they forcefully appropriated lands to establish slums. [18], Responses to the outbreak have included restrictions on commerce and movement, closure of borders, and the closure of schools and educational institutions. The EIU predicts that the trends will continue, with people prioritizing staples and home entertainment over the likes of clothing during 2021. The official data from this day reclassified a death that was double counted as deceased. [5], On 7 March, the Ministry of Health confirmed the country's first documented death, a 64-year-old man who had travelled to Paris, France, who also had other health conditions;[6] the case was only confirmed as positive after the patient's demise. Toute l'actualité vol de Paris Aéroport, au départ de Paris-Orly et Paris-Charles de Gaulle (Roissy, CDG), par thématiques : vols, accès, parking, services, shopping. As of 13 November 2020, the Government of Córdoba does not publish the number of recoveries. [90] Around 4,000 people joined a call from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) to summon volunteers to help on the influenza vaccination campaign, advanced medical students to be in triage in tents near hospitals where the patients will be first checked, volunteers to do a follow-up of isolated patients at home with a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19, and volunteers to work on logistics. Oct The province of Chaco has the worst rate of health professionals infected, with the 52 percent of the total cases of that jurisdiction. [150] Several cities that experienced a big growth in the number of confirmed cases in the previous weeks were put back into a tighter lockdown. [284] Some people had to camp in the provincial borders. [227] In the Province of Buenos Aires, also under strict lockdown, 5,980 armed thefts were reported during the first 97 days of the lockdown, against 13,878 on the same period of the previous year. The combis and mini-buses services will also begin to work again since the begin of the mandatory lockdown. This was better than the forecast announced by analysts and a smaller drop than in the previous months since the beginning of the pandemic. Fly to Buenos Aires. Wearing a face mask was made obligatory for everyone on public transit and everyone who contacts with the public in their position. Previously, the delivery of the diagnostic result was taking four to five days on average for patients in private clinics. The official data from 2020-10-01 included 3,050 deaths from the Province of Buenos Aires confirmed on 2020-09-25 that were missed in previous reports and were added after a delay in the loading of data. An exodus of foreign workers during the pandemic is behind Singapore's drop -- which saw its population fall for the first time in 17 years -- according to the EIU. [89], The Ministry of Health summoned health professionals to provide health services in the context of the pandemic, in search of reinforcing the teams made up by the national and provincial governments. Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases by jurisdiction in Greater Buenos Aires. [72] On 25 September, the Health Access Secretary informed that during the previous week there was a "stabilization trend" in the Greater Buenos Aires area with a "high peak of positive cases". Desde el lunes comienza la reapertura gradual de todas las escuelas", "Vuelven las actividades presenciales para todos los alumnos en las escuelas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires", "Quirós ratificó que el 17 de febrero empezarán las clases presenciales en CABA: "Queremos evitar un daño mental y afectivo irreparable, "Quirós ratifica el inicio de clases el 17 de febrero en la Ciudad y los gremios denuncian que no hubo "consenso, "Denunciaron que detrás de la burocracia que impide reabrir las escuelas bonaerenses están los gremios docentes", "Polémica entre la Ciudad y los gremios docentes por la vuelta presencial a clases", "Debate por la modalidad del regreso a clases en la Ciudad", "Vuelta al aula: la provincia autorizó a 32 distritos del conurbano a reabrir escuelas", "Por la cuarentena, bajó el delito en la Ciudad", "La violencia del delito se refleja en las calles y en las estadísticas", "Sergio Berni: "Ahora tenemos una presencia muy fuerte del delito de supervivencia, "Berni: "Estamos deteniendo gente sin historial que comete delitos de supervivencia, "Los intendentes, alarmados por el aumento de los delitos", "Sabina Frederic: "Estamos viendo un aumento del delito, pero sobre todo un aumento de la violencia, "Las viviendas de veraneo en la costa atlántica, a merced de los delincuentes", "Delito: una ola de robos en la costa preocupa a los dueños de casas de veraneo", "El drama de los propietarios no residentes crece con los meses y no encuentra solución", "Police officers in Buenos Aires Province protest to demand better salaries", "Tras el anuncio de mejoras salariales, crecen las protestas policiales: los uniformados exigen la cifra del aumento", "Efectivos de la policía bonaerense realizaron protestas en distintos puntos de la Provincia en reclamo de mejores condiciones de trabajo", "Argentina cordons off virus-hit slum as critics decry 'ghettoes for poor people, "Community-level SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence Survey in urban slum dwellers of Buenos Aires City, Argentina: a participatory research", "Land occupations and rising poverty pose problems for Peronism", "Provincia: buscan evitar que una ley contra los desalojos en la pandemia sea usada por los tomadores de tierras", "En la provincia de Buenos Aires ya fueron usurpadas 4.300 hectáreas donde se iban a construir barrios cerrados y viviendas sociales", "Qué hay detrás de la "oleada" de tomas de tierras en Argentina", "Fotos: cómo es por dentro Guernica, la toma de tierras más grande de la provincia de Buenos Aires", "Toma de terrenos: Berni culpó al Chino Navarro y a Emilio Pérsico", "Patricia Bullrich advirtió a Juan Grabois: "La toma de tierras es ilegal, "La Justicia investiga si La Cámpora y otros movimientos sociales instigaron las tomas de tierras en el Conurbano", "Sabina Frederic se alineó con la postura de Alberto Fernández: "Las tomas de tierras son ilegales, "Organizaciones de DDHH piden al juez que cancele el desalojo en Guernica", "Juan Grabois: "Hay una oleada de toma de tierras y se va a profundizar, "La tensión entre vecinos y comunidades mapuches reactiva el conflicto por la tierra en la Patagonia argentina", "Bariloche: Ordenan desalojo en medio del Relevamiento Nacional de Tierras", "Villa Mascardi: el Ministerio de Seguridad denunció a los manifestantes que protestaron contra la toma de tierras", "El transporte en alerta: cómo será viajar en micros, trenes y taxis en medio de la pandemia", "Coronavirus en Argentina: cómo funcionará el transporte público en la cuarentena administrada", "Coronavirus: El transporte público sólo podrá ocupar el 60% de su capacidad", "El uso del transporte público en el AMBA creció un 60% el último fin de semana y el Gobierno analiza cambios", "Reforzaron controles en el AMBA: solo trabajadores esenciales pueden viajar en transporte público", "Casi un millón de personas usó el transporte público en el AMBA", "El uso del transporte público bajó un 30% y Meoni espera que la tendencia "se mantenga, "El Tren Sarmiento estará interrumpido hasta mañana y habrá micros para continuar el servicio", "El Tren Sarmiento funcionará solamente hasta las 10 horas", "Una ONG afirma que durante la cuarentena hubo 92 muertes perpetradas por fuerzas estatales", "Crecieron un 35% los pedidos de ayuda por violencia de género y en el 80% de los casos el agresor es la pareja", "Aumentaron las denuncias de víctimas de trata durante la cuarentena", "Santiago del Estero: su hija es paciente oncológica y debió cargarla 5 kilómetros en brazos porque le prohibieron ingresar en auto a la provincia", "Transporte. Archives; Photos. [49], On 8 May, President Fernández announced alongside the City of Buenos Aires' Chief of Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Buenos Aires Province Governor Axel Kicillof, that the national lockdown would enter its fourth phase throughout all the country (with the exception of the Greater Buenos Aires urban area), allowing the reopening of factories and business. [187] Following this travel ban, one of the most strict in the world,[188] airline LATAM Argentina closed definitely on 17 June,[189][190][191] due to "the conditions of the local industry, aggravated by the pandemic". Students of the last years of primary and secondary public schools would be able to assist voluntarily to the institutions, with protocols indicating that there will not be more than 10 people together, with an assistance of between two and four days per week, from one to four hours, in outdoor spaces. [216][217][218], In November, the City of Buenos Aires allowed a progressive back to school for all students,[219][220] and then announced that the 2021 school year would start earlier than usual, on 17 February. Mar [238], Argentina has a long-standing housing access and slums problem, which was only worsened by the pandemic. [265] 36 workers tested positive for the virus and 130 people had to be isolated. The company plans to: Reduce international capacity for the summer season by 34% versus the previous selling schedule, including a 50% reduction in April trans-Atlantic capacity. Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Argentina, Number of confirmed cases per 100,000 people by province, According to the numbers provided by the national. After it would be approved by the ANMAT, the trial would take place at the Central Militar Hospital. Alberto Fernández pidió que el fútbol siga y se transmita por TV abierta", "#CopaArgentina El encuentro entre @Independiente y @VillaMitreBB , por los 32avos de Final, fue reprogramado para el miércoles 1 de abril, en horario a confirmar", "El fútbol se detiene por el coronavirus: los motivos de la marcha atrás del Gobierno", "A dos meses del último partido en Argentina", "Rodolfo D'Onofrio se refirió a la vuelta a los entrenamientos en Argentina: "El fútbol hoy no es una prioridad, "AFA y Gobierno diagraman la vuelta a los entrenamientos en el fútbol argentino", "Qué jugadores del fútbol argentino dieron positivo por coronavirus", "Se confirmaron 11 casos de coronavirus en el fútbol argentino tras los exámenes antes de reiniciar los entrenamientos", "Población por sexo e índice de masculinidad. It was expected that since July 13, the teams would be able to return to practice after the players, coaching staff and club employees are tested, following the steps that were taken in European football, making the tournament to return on mid-September. [122] Other protests were realized against the government policies to combat the pandemic, corruption and insecurity, and against the bill to reform some elements of the judiciary, but the conspiracy theories about the virus were still present in the protests. The highest drop was of the construction sector (32%) versus March 2019. [314] The first match suspended by the Argentine Football Association (AFA) was between Club Atlético Independiente and Club Villa Mitre from the Copa Argentina. [65][66] The Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, also announced that classes would end throughout the country in December as expected. Several tourism-related cities also saw a massive migration from Argentine residents after the announcement of the national lockdown. [16] According to Fernández, this urban area saw an increase of 147% of COVID-19 cases, and an increase of 95% on deaths due to the disease during the previous 20 days of the announcement. [236][237] Police stopped patrolling, responding only to urgent 911 emergency calls. As for the future, things don't look rosy. [210] One week later, the first case of a COVID-19 positive school worker was confirmed in a school in Barracas, Buenos Aires, where the school had to close due to the protocols.